Eyeball Cake Pops

eyeball cake pops I had a lot of fun making these eyeball cake pops this year.  They were very easy and I had all the ingredients in my cupboard.  These eyeball cake pops look so gross I don’t know if I can even make myself eat one! I made them for a Halloween party, and I am sure the kids will think they are really disgusting!

To make these eyeball cake pops, first you will make cake pops (any flavor you like).  You can learn how to make cake pops with my tutorial Here.  After they have completely dried, roll out some blue fondant (or any color you would like your eyeball).  You can also use green, brown, yellow?  Use a small circle cutter to cut out circles for the eyeballs.  I used the bottom of a piping tip for the bigger circle, and the top for the smaller circle. Then cut out some smaller black circles.  Stick them onto the cake pop with a little bit of water.  Next use some piping gel to pipe on the red veins on the eyeballs.  This was the fun part for me!  Let them dry, and that is all! Super easy and scary!






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