Valentine’s Day Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Bow

chocolatecakeFor me, Valentines Day is all about chocolate! I love all kinds of chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate….and I love getting chocolate for Valentines Day.  The great thing about this cake is that it is pure chocolate, including the bow! This cake is a rich dark chocolate cake, with chocolate mousse filling, and a chocolate ganache frosting….a dream for a chocoholic like me!  Continue reading

Let it Snow Christmas Party

lis12I live in San Diego and it never snows here.  The closest thing we have is snow world over at Sea World.  I created this dessert table for a Christmas party in hopes of a White Christmas! This Let it Snow Christmas party is in icy blue, silver, and white, with all decorations, banners and food made by Say it with Cake. Continue reading

Apple Spice Toffee Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

appletoffeecakeThis cake is a delicious apple cake, dense and filled with apples and spices.  The cream cheese frosting is sweet and tangy and stiff enough to pipe! It is topped with caramel and Heath toffee bits and the sides are also covered in Heath toffee bits. This yummy Apple toffee cake with cream cheese frosting will be wonderful for your thanksgiving dessert this year! Continue reading

Wizard of Oz Party

Wizard of Oz Welcome Home Party

I created this Wizard of Oz Welcome Home Party for my mom who finally moved back to California after 4 years in Florida.  I based the party around the famous line “There is no place like home” from the movie The Wizard of Oz.  This was always one of our favorite movies growing up.

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Halloween Candy Apples

candy appleHappy Halloween! The first treat I couldn’t wait to start baking was candy apples! I wanted to make black candy apples to look something like the poison candy apples the witch gives Snow White.  I love that movie! I think the sticks give them a spooky Halloween look, but you can also use skewers, popsicle sticks, or dowels.  I love how these candy apples are so shiny! I can even see my reflection in them!

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Halloween Cake with Meringue Ghosts

halloween cakeMy favorite part of this Halloween Cake with Meringe Ghosts is of course the ghosts! I think they look so cute, and they were really easy to make! You just whip up some meringue with a few basic ingredients and bake them on a cookie sheet for a little over an hour.  I wanted to make them green so I could make it look like the cake got slimed :) Continue reading

Bloody Halloween Cake

Bloody Halloween Cake!

Maybe this is taking a stab in the dark, but I bet your dying to try a slice of this cake!  This Bloody Halloween cake is a delicious red velvet four layer cake with cream cheese filling, topped with a vanilla buttercream frosting, and covered with a red ganache.  The blood-like red ganache, looks so spooky, perfect for a Halloween Cake! Continue reading

End of Summer Watermelon Party

wp1I just adore this watermelon theme  party that I threw for my son, for an end of the summer bash with his neighborhood friends.   From the invitation to the sweets, the decor to the favors, every last touch was watermelon themed in pink and green.   It all starts with the perfect invitation.  I designed this invitation on photo shop and printed it out on card stock.  My son went around to all his little friends passing them out, and that was one of the high lights for him! Four years old is such a fun age!

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Hawaiian Paradise Cake


Hawaiian Paradise CakeHave you ever tried the Hawaiian Paradise Cake from King’s Hawaiian Bakery?!   Three layers of vivid Chiffon cake  in the colors of guava, passion fruit and lime covered in whipped cream frosting.  On top is a glaze, striped in the same three colors.  The cake has three delicious Hawaiian flavors, guava, passion fruit, and lime.   The most unmistakable flavor is guava.  The delicious tropical fruit is complimented by the tangy and citrusy notes from the layers of passion fruit and lime.  As a fork cuts through a slice, the thin sweet glaze spreads throughout the cake uniting the flavors.  This cake is delicious and beautiful! King’s Hawaiian Bakery does not give out its recipe, so I improvised and put together a few recipes to try and create the Hawaiian Paradise cake.  Continue reading

Le Fraisier


le_FraisierFraisier derives from the French word fraise, meaning strawberry.  Le Fraisier is a classic French cake made with a basic génoise sliced in two halves, each of which is brushed with kirsch liqueur. It is filled with crème mousseline and lots of fresh strawberries.   Continue reading

Green Ombre Swirl Cake

greenombrecake_bysayitwithcakeMy three year old son loves celebrating all holidays even the smaller ones.  Saint Patrick’s Day is one that I never really celebrated when I was younger, but I am having a blast coming up with crafts and baking green treats to celebrate with my son.  We have shamrock stickers up on the windows, and green treats all over the house!   Continue reading