Black and Yellow Spider Web Mirror Glaze Cake

black and yellow mirror glaze spider web cakeThis is a black mirror glaze cake with neon green and yellow spider web glaze.  It looks more yellow then green in the light.  I love the contrast!

black and yellow mirror glaze spider web cake

Mirror Glaze Recipe


20 g gelatin powder

120 g water

300 g light corn syrup

300 g sugar

150 g water

200 g sweetened condensed milk

300 g white chocolate good quality chopped fine

food coloring ( I use Americolor violet, sky blue, royal blue, deep pink, and black)


Bloom 20 g gelatin in 120 g water

boil 300 g corn syrup, 300 g sugar, and 150 g water

remove from heat and add gelatin

add condensed milk

pour over chocolate and mix until chocolate is melted completely (make sure you chop the chocolate really small before hand)

stir and make sure glaze reaches 95 degrees F

separate into multiple bowls if you want multiple colors

add food color

Let it cool until the glaze reaches 89.6 degrees F and is semi thick.

Pour glaze over cake

Mirror Neutral

100 Gram mirror neutral

6 grams titanium dioxide

50-60 C

I found both of these ingredients online at Amazon.  Mix 6 Grams of Titanium Dioxide into the 100 G Mirror Neutral.  Mix together until smooth.  Use an emersion blender if you have one.  Add food coloring of your choice.  Microwave for a few seconds until it reaches 50-60 C.  Do not over heat! When I over heated, a weird thing happened.  All of the titanium dioxide came up to the top and the mirror neutral was almost white again.  I would suggest warming it up in increments of 10 seconds and check the temperature each time.

Pour the mirror neutral on a cookie sheet in a long strip.  Place your offset spatula on top of the mirror neutral.  This next step is very important! When your mirror glaze is 90 degrees F, pour it on your frozen cake, then immediately swipe the offset spatula across the cake.  Let it set and see how the spider web takes effect! I tried swiping another spatula full of mirror neutral over the cake after, and it did not become a spider web.  It must be applied right after the glaze is poured! I don’t know why, but this is my experience!

black and yellow mirror glaze spider web cake black and yellow mirror glaze spider web cake black and yellow mirror glaze spider web cake

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