Chocolate Toffee Bars

toffee bars These Chocolate toffee bars are kinda like magic, because they will disappear right before your eyes! I was making these bars over at my sisters with a house full of people.  I was originally making them for the lady I visit teach for church.  My sister was begging me to let her cut a piece before it had cooled.  The kids kept trying to stick their fingers in it and grab a piece. I had to get bodyguards to protect these bars while they cooled! lol  They were worth the wait, these bars are so delicious and are perfect in every way! Once they were ready to eat, they did indeed disappear right before my eyes into the hands of five adults and 11 kids!

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Chocolate Peanut butter Brownie Bites

Peanut Butter Brownie Bites by

Every Sunday my family gets together for Sunday Dinner.  I am usually in charge of bringing dessert, and that is fine by me! I love looking through pinterest and finding delicious recipes to make!  I don’t know what I ever did before pinterest :)  I found this delicious recipe that I just had to make! Yum Peanut Butter Brownie Bites!! I know you are going to love these!

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Pumpkin Kiss Brownies


Pumpkin kisses are so special and so rare, because they only come out in the stores around the holidays! They sell out so fast too! In fact, I was shopping all over for them and finally found them at Target and this was the LAST BAG!! If you do happen to snag a bag of these delicious Pumpkin kisses, be sure to make these pumpkin kiss brownies, they are so delicious!!!  The layers of chocolate fudge brownies, pumpkin spice ganache, and a decadent chocolate glaze go perfect together! And you can’t forget the glass of milk while eating these beauties, they are very rich! This recipe is surprisingly very easy and quick to make! It is a perfect way to enjoy those seasonal pumpkin kisses!

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