Mirror Glaze Heart

heart1I bought this new heart mold from Silikomart to make a heart mousse cake for Valentines Day.  I love the mold because it is silicon, and it has a heart cut out piece so you can cut out a heart shape that fits just inside the mold.  You can cut out the sponge cake base, and the fruit or chocolate insert.  I still need to practice some more with the mold but it is great!

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Pana cotta and Mousse Entremet


Panna cotta is an Italian dessert of sweetened cream thickened with gelatin and molded. The cream may be aromatized with, coffee, vanilla, or other flavorings.  For this entremet, I chose to make vanilla bean panna cotta, chocolate mousse, and chocolate sable Breton.

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Chocolate and Caramel Mousse Entremet

mirror glaze entremetI had so much fun pouring the mirror glaze on this cake with my mom! It was fun making her laugh when I tried to put the extra glaze back inside the bowl and it got all over my hands.  It was fun watching her be amazed as I poured the stripes and they sunk into the mirror glaze and dripped off.  It was really great having my mom here seeing this process and appreciating how much work goes into this simple looking cake!! I made this donut shaped entremet with caramel mousse in the center, and chocolate mousse on the outside, and covered in white chocolate mirror glaze.  I made this cake for my good friend Lynn’s son who is getting baptized! Her son has been friends with my son since they were 1 years old! I can’t believe he’s 8 now and getting baptized!

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Chocolate Orange Entremet


 For Christmas every year growing up, I would always get a chocolate orange from Santa in my stocking.  Did you ever get those? You know the kind where you can crack it open and get nice slices of chocolate oranges? They are so good and one of my favorite parts of Christmas.  I just love the combination of orange and chocolate! I decided to try and make a cake with this delicious flavor combination! It turned into an entremet with delicate chocolate mousse, chocolate Italian sponge cake, and orange jelly filling. I brought this cake to Christmas Eve dinner at my Aunt Teresa’s house!  Merry Christmas! Continue reading

Cranberry Vanilla Mirror Glaze Entremet

mirrorglazeMerry Christmas! I am really, really happy these days!! I made this cake just for fun, just because I am happy.  This is actually not a cake, but an entremet, made with mostly mousse.  My son says it looks like a plastic Frisbee 🙂 This is good though because I was going for the plastic shiny look!  It is also very Christmassy with the red and white mirror glaze, kinda looks like a candy cane.  The flavors are cranberry vanilla and that can also be Christmassy.  Continue reading

Peach Mousse Entremet with Mirror Glaze

peachAn entremets is in modern French cuisine a small dish served between courses or simply a dessert. Originally it was an elaborate form of entertainment dish common among the nobility and upper middle class in Europe during the later part of the Middle Ages and the early modern period. An entremet marked the end of a serving of courses and could be anything from a simple frumenty (a type of wheat porridge) that was brightly colored and flavored with exotic and expensive spices to elaborate models of castles complete with wine fountains, musicians, and food modeled into allegorical scenes.

For modern pastry chefs, an entremet is a multi-layered mousse-based cake with various complementary flavors and varying textural contrasts. Continue reading

Blackberry Mousse Cake with Mirror Glaze

blackberry entremet moussecake mirror glazeThis Blackberry mousse cake has everything it needs to be a great dessert. The base is a chocolate Italian sponge cake. It’s dark and moist, sweet, and has the distinctive flavor of chocolate. The delicate white chocolate mousse is light, and soft in both sweetness and flavor. However, the mousse suspends a blackberry purée that’s been set with a touch of gelatin. This fruit layer is intense in both its color and its tart flavor. The final touch is a glaze of melted white chocolate colored purple on top of the cake; it provides a startling white chocolate flavor, and vibrant blackberry purple color that stands out in contrast to the white chocolate mousse. Continue reading