WASC Lemon Cake with fresh Raspberry filling

raspberrycake1This is my first time making a white cake with no crust, no need to trim dark edges, no need to cut off a top crust, and no need to torte! I made a WASC cake, which stands for White almond sour cream cake.  You start with a basic white cake mix then add sour cream, almond extract, sugar, flour, eggs and water.  See how perfectly these cakes turned out, no dark crust! Continue reading

Lemon Raspberry Cake

inside1This cake is a four layer light and springy lemon cake, filled with seedless raspberry filling, frosted with a delicious lemon cream cheese frosting, and topped with a tangy lemon curd and fresh raspberries! I made this cake for my husband, who really loves cream cheese frosting.  Every time I make a new cake the first thing he asks is “what kind of frosting does it have?” He thinks buttercream is too sweet, but always appreciates a cake with cream cheese frosting or whip cream frosting.  So while I was going to use a lemon buttercream for this cake, I changed my mind and decided to go with the cream cheese frosting.  It was an excellent choice and I think it complimented the cake perfectly! Continue reading

Orange Creamsicle Ice Cream Layer Cake

creamsiclecake This Orange Creamsicle Ice Cream Layer Cake is 6 layers of delicious orange and vanilla flavors! It begins with a layer of vanilla-orange poke cake.  Next is a layer of homemade vanilla ice cream.  After that is a layer of orange ice cream.  Another layer of orange poke cake, then a layer of vanilla bean ice cream, and the top layer is orange sherbet.  It is frosted with homemade orange whipping cream and fresh oranges.  So yummy! Continue reading

Banana Pudding Layer Cake

banana pudding layer cake

At every family birthday party, I have usually seen my cousin Randen ask for ice cream with no cake.  This year for his 15th Birthday, my Aunt Teresa asked me to make a cake with some kind of banana flavor. She is always so great at letting me experiment and come up with new creations, in fact my Aunt Teresa is one of the people most supportive of my new cake making hobby! I love you Aunt Teresa!  I was so nervous, because I have rarely seen Randen eat cake, and I wanted him to like whatever I made.  I decided to make this Delicious banana pudding layer cake, and guess what??? He ate the whole slice and told me he liked it!! Yay I am very happy, and have decided to share the recipe with you after such a great victory! Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Bow

chocolatecake For me, Valentines Day is all about chocolate! I love all kinds of chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate….and I love getting chocolate for Valentines Day.  The great thing about this cake is that it is pure chocolate, including the bow! This cake is a rich dark chocolate cake, with chocolate mousse filling, and a chocolate ganache frosting….a dream for a chocoholic like me!  Continue reading

Halloween Cake with Meringue Ghosts

halloween cake My favorite part of this Halloween Cake with Meringe Ghosts is of course the ghosts! I think they look so cute, and they were really easy to make! You just whip up some meringue with a few basic ingredients and bake them on a cookie sheet for a little over an hour.  I wanted to make them green so I could make it look like the cake got slimed :) Continue reading

Bloody Halloween Cake

Bloody Halloween Cake!

Maybe this is taking a stab in the dark, but I bet your dying to try a slice of this cake!  This Bloody Halloween cake is a delicious red velvet four layer cake with cream cheese filling, topped with a vanilla buttercream frosting, and covered with a red ganache.  The blood-like red ganache, looks so spooky, perfect for a Halloween Cake! Continue reading

Hawaiian Paradise Cake

Hawaiian Paradise Cake Have you ever tried the Hawaiian Paradise Cake from King’s Hawaiian Bakery?!   Three layers of vivid Chiffon cake  in the colors of guava, passion fruit and lime covered in whipped cream frosting.  On top is a glaze, striped in the same three colors.  The cake has three delicious Hawaiian flavors, guava, passion fruit, and lime.   The most unmistakable flavor is guava.  The delicious tropical fruit is complimented by the tangy and citrusy notes from the layers of passion fruit and lime.  As a fork cuts through a slice, the thin sweet glaze spreads throughout the cake uniting the flavors.  This cake is delicious and beautiful! King’s Hawaiian Bakery does not give out its recipe, so I improvised and put together a few recipes to try and create the Hawaiian Paradise cake.  Continue reading

Green Ombre Swirl Cake

greenombrecake_bysayitwithcake My three year old son loves celebrating all holidays even the smaller ones.  Saint Patrick’s Day is one that I never really celebrated when I was younger, but I am having a blast coming up with crafts and baking green treats to celebrate with my son.  We have shamrock stickers up on the windows, and green treats all over the house!   Continue reading

Dark Chocolate & Strawberry Buttercream Cake with Chocolate Covered Strawberries


Happy Valentine’s Day!!  I have been dreaming of making this cake for a long time, but wanted to wait and make it for Valentine’s Day.  Chocolate and chocolate covered strawberries are just perfect for Valentine’s day, don’t you think? This cake is a dark chocolate, four layer cake with strawberry swiss  meringue buttercream filling and frosting, covered with a chocolate ganache and topped with white chocolate covered strawberries.   Continue reading

Red Velvet Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake Cake


Every year for Valentines Day my husband makes me a special dinner and uses a recipe that he has never tried before.  I absolutely love it and look forward to it every year!  We have also somehow created a new tradition with my three year old son.  He was asking me what a cupid was and I explained to him that a cupid was like a special kind of baby/angel that flew around on Valentines Day and shot people with arrows to make them fall in love and delivered boxes of Chocolate to good boys and girls on Valentines day.  So he got very excited thinking that if he was a good boy the Cupid would hide a box of chocolate for him on Valentines Day.  Lol  now he is always telling me I need to be good so the Cupid will come.  It is kind of like a cross between Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, but he brings it up several times a day and even asks me to tell him the story of the Cupid when he goes to sleep at night.  I don’t know how this happened! Anyway it is a new Valentines tradition we have lol! What are some of your Valentines Day traditions?

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Candy Cane Cake

candy-cane-cake2 What is Christmas without candy canes? Candy Canes are essential to Christmas!  I remember one of the best parts of Christmas was getting a huge candy cane from my Aunt Jenni along with a new Christmas coloring book.  She would give them to us every year and my sisters and I looked forward to it!  They were the big candy canes, a big delicious stick of peppermint.  We would get them all over our faces as kids and would enjoy every last drop :)  Making this cake brought back those happy memories of those candy canes from my Aunt Jenni.
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Black Forest Cake

black forest cake

This black forest cake is called Schwarzwälderkirschtorte in German, which means Black Forest Cherry Torte or Gateau. This cake has multiple (usually 4) layers of chocolate sponge cake, cherries, and whipped cream. It is frosted with whipped cream and covered with chocolate shavings and a few cherries for decoration. Kirschwasser (cherry schnapps) is used to flavor the whipped cream. The bottom layers of sponge cake are also brushed with Kirschwasser to provide moisture and a little extra flavor. 

There are many other ideas on how the cake originally got its name. Some historians say that it is possible that the cake got its name from the traditional costume worn by women in the Black Forest. The dress was black (just like the chocolate flakes), the blouse is white (like the cream), and the hat has red pom-poms that look just like cherries.

I decided to forego the kirschwasser for this cake to make it kid friendly, and simplify the recipe to make it easier to make.  When I say simplify, I mean it has only 4 components!! This is the simplest and yummiest cake I have ever made! Continue reading

Pumpkin Bliss Cake


pumpkin spice layer cake Move over pumpkin pie, there is a new dessert in town! This four layer cake is packed full of flavor and fall spices.  Four layers of pumpkin spice cake, with a creamy pumpkin filling, and topped with a light and fluffy cream cheese frosting!  This pumpkin spice layer cake is the ultimate fall cake and is perfect to serve for Thanksgiving dessert! Continue reading

Caramel Apple Layer Cake


Fall is officially here! Time for apples, pumpkins, changing leaves, and cooler weather. This cake represents everything I love about this time of year!  The perfect blend of spice and sweet and all the flavors of the season. With a single bite, I wanted to wrap up in my favorite sweater, watch my high school football game,  and go jump in some leaves. It is the perfect dessert to usher in the fall and an instant all-time favorite. Yes, it is that good!

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Candy Corn and Polka Dot Cake

Polka Dot Cake

Polka Dot Cake

What is Halloween without CANDY CORN!!! This cake is actually decorated with Candy corn and Milk Duds-yum! Its a delicious Chocolate cake frosted and filled with light fluffy pastry pride.  But I think the best part of this cake is the surprise when you cut into it! Black chocolate cake with orange polka dots, perfect for Halloween!



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