Blue and Gold Boy Scout Cake with Gold Ganache

blueandgoldcakeI made this cake for the Cub Scouts Blue and Gold banquet.  My favorite part was the dripping gold ganache.  This cake has midnight blue buttercream, gold ganache, chocolate boy scout logo toppers, blue and gold moon and stars sprinkles, gold meringue cookies, and blue and gold bark!

Many components of this cake can be made ahead of time like the toppers, meringues, bark, ganache, and frosting.  You can find my recipes on the links.


The trick to making the gold ganache is to start with a yellow ganache.  Add yellow food coloring to the cream while it is heating up.  You can check out my post on how to make colored ganache here.

Yellow chocolate ganache

  • 12 ounces of yellow candy melts
  • 1/3 cup heavy whipping cream
  • yellow food coloring

After you make the ganache and drip it down the cake, paint it with gold luster dust. You can also check out my tutorial on how to make perfect ganache drips here.  Add a tiny bit of vodka or extract to a small bowl, then add the luster dust and mix it up till it is a thick paste.  Then paint it on top of the ganache! I think it looks so beautiful!




Other cakes with dripping ganache you might enjoy!

blue cake



Halloween Cake

Halloween Cake












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17 thoughts on “Blue and Gold Boy Scout Cake with Gold Ganache

  1. Hi Shamene , what a great cake. Could you please tell me what the ratio for your ganache was and how long did you chill it before you were able to paint on it.
    Thank you so much 😊

    • sorry Kim for the confusion, it is yellow candy melts not red. You can use the yellow candy melts or add yellow food color to the cream while making the ganache. does this help?

  2. Hello! Beautiful cake! I was curious how much lustre dust it took for the drips on this cake. I was wanting to try to make one and bought a 2g container of gold lustre dust but wasn’t sure if that was enough. Thanks!

  3. Such a gorgeous cake. I tried this method, but unfortunately, as soon as I took the cake out of the fridge, the ganache started to sweat and it was difficult to paint with the gold/alcohol mix. I had my A/C full blast, but the ganache was still sweating. I’m guessing it’s the condensation of the cold cake. How can I avoid this??

    • Hi Albie. If your ganache is sweating, you can leave it out in a cool room with A/C for a while and the condensation will evaporate. If you need to refrigerate the cake, putting it in a box with a lid would help. Did you get to save your cake? Did it dry out enough to paint the ganache?

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