Bowser Piñata

bowserI made this Bowser Piñata for my son’s 6th Birthday.  He loves Mario and this is his third Mario party.  I wanted to do something different this time around so I took on the task of making a Bowser piñata! Bowser is the villain in the Super Mario Bros games.  I thought it would be fun to have the final game of the party “Defeat Bowser”.

This Super Mario Bros Bowser piñata was definitely a labor of love!

Making this piñata took about 3 weeks.  I started with balloons for the body head and face, then added thin cardboard for the legs and arms.  I taped the cardboard on the balloons with masking tape.  I also formed the horns, eyebrows, hands and feet that way.   I used 6 rolls of masking tape and 3 rolls of duct tape!!

After the body was the shape I wanted, I covered it with paper mache using newspapers and a mixture of half flour half water.

It took me several days to finish the paper mache because of the drying time.  I dried it outside with a fan directly on it as much as I could!

After the paper mache was dry I put in two hanging hooks.  I put in two because this piñata is so heavy!  I got the idea from Pinata Boy

I took a hanger and stuck it through a cake board. I bent the sides up and around.  I did this for both hooks.




I cut a hole in the underside of Bowser.  I had to reach in all the way up to my armpit and poke the hanger through the hole in the top where I wanted my hanger to go.  Then I used pliers to make a loop on the top with the hanger.  I looked pretty funny with my arm all the way up in Bowsers butt! lol

Then I covered the hole and taped over it.


After that came the fun part of spraying primer, painting with spray paint and covering with crepe paper!  I used 6 bottles of glue and 4 rolls of crepe paper.  I used red feathers for his hair and eyebrows.

bowser collage1  Finally its done! I left a hole in the mouth on the side to stuff the candy in!



bowserback bowserside



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