Candy Cane Cake

candy-cane-cake2 What is Christmas without candy canes? Candy Canes are essential to Christmas!  I remember one of the best parts of Christmas was getting a huge candy cane from my Aunt Jenni along with a new Christmas coloring book.  She would give them to us every year and my sisters and I looked forward to it!  They were the big candy canes, a big delicious stick of peppermint.  We would get them all over our faces as kids and would enjoy every last drop :)  Making this cake brought back those happy memories of those candy canes from my Aunt Jenni.
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Mint Chocolate Cake

andes-mint-cake Chocolate and mint…..the perfect combination.  I have been in a real holiday baking mood this past week.  Of all the Christmas treats I made for everyone else, this baby was purely for me :) I love mint chip ice cream, and I can down a whole bag of Andes mints all by myself! I had been waiting till September to make this cake because it is such a Christmas flavor.  So now that December is here,  I could finally try out my dream cake.  By the way, I bought two bags of Andes mints while making this cake, one for me and one for the cake :)

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How to make Mini Cakes

minicakes Christmas is coming!! This month there will be all kinds of parties and dinners with plenty of opportunities to bake something spectacular to take as a dessert!  These mini cakes are so cute and are perfect for a party or even a gift for someone special! Keep reading and I will show you how to make these mini cakes step by step! Continue reading