Valentine’s Day Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Bow

chocolatecake For me, Valentines Day is all about chocolate! I love all kinds of chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate….and I love getting chocolate for Valentines Day.  The great thing about this cake is that it is pure chocolate, including the bow! This cake is a rich dark chocolate cake, with chocolate mousse filling, and a chocolate ganache frosting….a dream for a chocoholic like me!  Continue reading

Halloween Cake with Meringue Ghosts

halloween cake My favorite part of this Halloween Cake with Meringe Ghosts is of course the ghosts! I think they look so cute, and they were really easy to make! You just whip up some meringue with a few basic ingredients and bake them on a cookie sheet for a little over an hour.  I wanted to make them green so I could make it look like the cake got slimed :) Continue reading

Bloody Halloween Cake

Bloody Halloween Cake!

Maybe this is taking a stab in the dark, but I bet your dying to try a slice of this cake!  This Bloody Halloween cake is a delicious red velvet four layer cake with cream cheese filling, topped with a vanilla buttercream frosting, and covered with a red ganache.  The blood-like red ganache, looks so spooky, perfect for a Halloween Cake! Continue reading

Green Ombre Swirl Cake

greenombrecake_bysayitwithcake My three year old son loves celebrating all holidays even the smaller ones.  Saint Patrick’s Day is one that I never really celebrated when I was younger, but I am having a blast coming up with crafts and baking green treats to celebrate with my son.  We have shamrock stickers up on the windows, and green treats all over the house!   Continue reading

Red Velvet Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake Cake


Every year for Valentines Day my husband makes me a special dinner and uses a recipe that he has never tried before.  I absolutely love it and look forward to it every year!  We have also somehow created a new tradition with my three year old son.  He was asking me what a cupid was and I explained to him that a cupid was like a special kind of baby/angel that flew around on Valentines Day and shot people with arrows to make them fall in love and delivered boxes of Chocolate to good boys and girls on Valentines day.  So he got very excited thinking that if he was a good boy the Cupid would hide a box of chocolate for him on Valentines Day.  Lol  now he is always telling me I need to be good so the Cupid will come.  It is kind of like a cross between Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, but he brings it up several times a day and even asks me to tell him the story of the Cupid when he goes to sleep at night.  I don’t know how this happened! Anyway it is a new Valentines tradition we have lol! What are some of your Valentines Day traditions?

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Valentine’s Day Petit Fours

petit-fours petit four  is a small confectionery or savoury appetizer. The name is Frenchpetit four (French pronunciation: ​[pø.ti.fur]), meaning “small oven”  Petits fours were traditionally made in a smaller oven next to the main oven.  In the 18th century some bakers made them during the cooling process of coal-fired brick ovens to take advantage of their stored heat, thus exploiting coal’s high burning temperature and economizing on its expense relative to wood

Petit fours are just so adorable! Making them can be very time consuming, and this time I was looking for a simpler recipe for busy mom’s like me.  I found a recipe that only required TWO ingredients!! It was so easy and I was so excited because this way I could make them in one night after I got my son to sleep.  Compare this to other attempts at making Petit fours that took me 3 days!  Here are the two simple ingredients……… Continue reading

Valentine’s Conversation Heart Cheesecakes

vday- cheesecakes

Love is in the air! Say Happy Valentines Day to someone you love with these Valentine’s Conversation Heart Cheesecakes!  Valentines Day is coming soon and I am having so much fun baking all kinds of Valentines day cakes.  These Valentines heart cheesecakes look just like the conversation hearts I passed out to  my friends when I was little.  The fun part is deciding what to write on the heart.  I just love Valentines day!
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Candy Cane Cake

candy-cane-cake2 What is Christmas without candy canes? Candy Canes are essential to Christmas!  I remember one of the best parts of Christmas was getting a huge candy cane from my Aunt Jenni along with a new Christmas coloring book.  She would give them to us every year and my sisters and I looked forward to it!  They were the big candy canes, a big delicious stick of peppermint.  We would get them all over our faces as kids and would enjoy every last drop :)  Making this cake brought back those happy memories of those candy canes from my Aunt Jenni.
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How to make Mini Cakes

minicakes Christmas is coming!! This month there will be all kinds of parties and dinners with plenty of opportunities to bake something spectacular to take as a dessert!  These mini cakes are so cute and are perfect for a party or even a gift for someone special! Keep reading and I will show you how to make these mini cakes step by step! Continue reading

Thanksgiving (surprise inside) Turkey Cake

thanksgiving_turkey_cake   My Grandma Rose  had a tradition of hosting a Thanksgiving dinner the Sunday before Thanksgiving.  When you have a huge family, sometimes it can be hard to get everyone together on the actual day of Thanksgiving.  Sometimes you have to switch years with your spouse (this year my family, next year yours).  My Grandma’s tradition  was a great way for everybody to be able to get together and celebrate Thanksgiving every year!  Since my Grandma and Grandpa have both passed away, we still carry on the tradition!  So since I will be having two Thanksgivings this year,  I get to come up with two Thanksgiving desserts.  This cake will be sure to wow my family and I am sure they will be wondering “How did you do that?”!  Continue reading

Zombie Brain Freeze Ice Cream Cake



While eyeballs are quite the delicacy, brains are undoubtedly a zombie’s favorite food. From the rich and fatty frontal lobe back to the sumptuous cerebellum, brains are such a treat. With such a description, aren’t you just dying to try some?! Move over still-beating hearts, brains are what’s for dinner…or in our case, dessert.

Gross Halloween party foods are always impressive, but trust me, if you really want to impress your zombie guests, serve up this  Halloween party dessert once the main meal is over. For the live humans present at the bash, this brain cake is an acceptable facsimile! Continue reading

Spooky Eye Cake

monster-eye-cake copy

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! I just love making Halloween cakes and seeing all the Halloween treats everyone makes.  I have seen some truly frightening cakes complete with dismembered body parts, blood and guts.  I was tempted to try making my own gruesome cake, but my three year old son gets scared very easily!  The closest I came to gruesome was this brain cake.  So this spooky eye cake is just a little bit scary but safe enough for a three year old to help!  Continue reading

Glowing Ghost Cupcakes


I am soooo excited because I found this totally cool recipe for cupcake frosting that glows under a black light!  I found this recipe just in time for Halloween.  These cupcakes are so cute and glow brightly under a black light.  They would be perfect to take to a Halloween party, or those glow stick parties that are popular during Halloween time.  Can you guess what the secret ingredient is that makes the cupcake frosting glow?? OK I will tell you, the secret ingredient is…………..
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Spider Web Cake


Halloween is coming soon! I love Halloween and its going to be so fun making all kinds of Halloween cakes!  This is one I have always wanted to try!  For those of you in the Halloween Spirit already, here is a cake that you can make for your next Halloween party, very easy and quick to make!  I just love the way this spider web looks, so creepy like a giant spider is spinning its web around this cake lol! Continue reading