Fortune Teller Tent

fortune teller tent I made this Fortune Teller Tent for my son’s Halloween party this year.  I have to say, the fortune teller was the best part of the party! I had a fortune teller come to the party and she gazed in the crystal ball, did palm reading and also tarot cards!




To make this tent, I used a hula hoop and tied 6 ribbons around the edge.  I gathered them all in the middle and tied a knot.  Then I hung it from the ceiling on a hook.  After that, I found different pieces of material, table cloths, and fabric to piece together this fortune teller tent.  I put a small table and two chairs inside.  The tent closes completely, so there is privacy when Madame Zola is telling fortunes.  I made a crystal ball out of a candle holder and a round globe light fixture! I put a flickering electric candle inside the ball.  It looked really good! I also made some gypsy prayer flags to hang above the tent to give it more of a gypsy/bohemian feel.


The kids lined up and had there fortunes told one at a time.  They did not get any bad fortunes, only good positive ones.

fortune teller tent


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