Fourth of July Petal Cake

994523_602713089763576_610070034_n Happy 4th of July!  To celebrate this year, I wanted to try out the petal technique that has become very popular lately!  994523_602713089763576_610070034_n


To make this cake I made two 8 inch round cakes using my WASC white cake recipe,  I made two batches of my buttercream icing.  I crumb coated the cake and let it sit in the freezer for 20 minutes.  I followed the directions below, except I used three decorating bags with red, blue, and white frosting.

Here are the steps to use the petal technique

  • Cover your cake with a crumb coat (very thin layer of frosting).
  • Prepare a decorating bag with a large round tip (Wilton #12).
  • Pipe a vertical line of dots on the side of your cake.
  • Use a small spatula to press down on each dot, dragging to the right.
  • Make another line of dots, just to the right of your petals. Repeat.
  • For the top of the cake, I did the same technique in circles.
    A spiral would have worked even better.
  • FYI, this cake will have a “back side”. When you get back to where you started,
    you will have a seam where the petals meet up.







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