Halloween Party for Kids

Halloween PartyI am so excited to be throwing my four year old son his first Halloween Party! I have been planning it out for months!

This Halloween Party was super fun to make! I started with the centerpiece…a black cauldron with dry ice. It bubbled and smoked just like a witch’s brew! I bought the cauldron at party city, and found the dry ice at Albertsons.  I filled the cauldron up with hot water, then put on gloves and dropped one pound of dry ice inside.  The effect lasted about 20 minutes.  After that, keep dropping pieces of dry ice inside for an all night effect! Be sure to wear gloves when handling dry ice, and also do not drink any pieces of dry ice.  If you want to use a drink inside, the dry ice will carbonate the drink. For this party, I had several dessert tables, one with the dry ice, a table with the candy apples, cupcakes, and cakes, and one for the drinks.  I hope you like some of my ideas and will use them for your next Halloween Party! For the recipe for black candy apples go HEREpoison_apple3

table4Halloween PartyHalloween Partyhalloweentablehalloween party

I made this punch using lemonade and sprite.  I added a drop of neon green food coloring.  For the brain I put in a cauliflower.  This picture doesn’t really capture it, but it looks really cool when the “brain” is floating against the glass. For the floating hand punch, I just made red punch and froze a glove full of water over night.  I cut the glove off, and put it into the punch! It looks so cool and spooky!drinksdrink tablehandpunchpickledbrainscostumesawards1

For these costume awards, I used orange and black construction paper, and hot glued a pin on the back.  They were so easy and fun to make! For the mystery boxes, I used tissue boxes and glued construction paper on them.  For the top, I cut a piece of foam paper and cut an x in the middle.  I used peeled grapes for the eyeballs, pipe cleaners for spider legs, and spaghetti noodles for brains or intestines.mysteryboxcodymysteryboxgamemysterybox


You will need:

  • Poster board: orange and black
  • Cardboard box
  • Spray adhesive
  • Crafts knife
  • 8 to 10 orange table-tennis balls
  • Medium-tip black permanent marking pen

How to Make It

  1. Using a photocopier, enlarge the patterns as indicated on the pattern.
  2. Trace the pumpkin patterns onto orange poster board and the eye and nose patterns onto black poster board; cut the pieces out, but do not cut out the pumpkin mouth openings.
  3. Tape one end of the box shut and cut off the flaps on the opposite side.
  4. Place the box with the open-side down and use spray adhesive to attach the black poster board to the front of the box.
  5. Beginning with the largest pumpkin, use spray adhesive to attach it along the bottom edge of the poster board.
  6. Spacing the pumpkins about 1 inch apart, adhere the medium pumpkin above the large pumpkin and the small pumpkin on top.
  7. Cut out the pumpkin mouths through all the layers using a crafts knife.
  8. Draw pumpkin faces on table-tennis balls using a medium-tip black permanent marking pen.
  9. Allow the faces to dry.beanbaggame


adapted from Better Homes and Gardens

 This donut game is very easy and fun.  You tie a string and have it hang from a tree.  Tie a donut at the end and have the kids try to eat the donut with out using hands.



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