Watercolor Textured Cake with Chocolate Sail

IMG_8398This Cake is a three layer black forest cake: a rich chocolate fudge cake, whipped cream and cherry filling, frosted with American buttercream, and topped with a chocolate sail, red and black macaroons, and buttercream piping. I have been dying to try out the watercolor technique with frosting cakes, and this cake was my opportunity.  The décor is a hint at what colors and flavors are inside the cake.  The red black and white can be seen in the chocolate, cherries, and whipped cream.  You can look at my other black forest cake herered3

I love the texture on the cake, especially the gold.  To make this watercolor/textured frosting, first I frosted the cake with white buttercream and let it crust in the fridge.  This cake took a few layers of crumb coating because of the chocolate cake underneath.  Every time I try to cover a chocolate or red velvet cake with white frosting I always vow to never do it again.  But here I am doing it again lol.  I mixed up a small bit of leftover white frosting with red americolor food color, and also black.  I put a little of the frosting on my small offset spatula and made a small smear.  Then, I got my bench scraper, and went around the cake.  This ended up blending the colors and making a watercolor like effect.  To make the gold texture, I mixed gold luster dust with a little almond extract.  I mixed it together with a clean new paintbrush and brushed it on the cake in random places. IMG_8398


For Cake
    • One devils food cake mix
For filling
    • one quart of Pastry Pride
    • one can of cherry pie filling


For Cake
    1. Bake cake as instructed on box – two 8 inch cakes
    2. let cool completely
    3. Torte and level both cakes to make 4 cakes
For Filling
    1. Whip Pastry Pride 5-10 minutes until peaks form
To assemble cake
  1. Place cake on cake board
  2. spread one cup of pastry pride on cake evenly
  3. spread desired amount of cherry pie filling on top of pastry pride, leaving one inch around edge of cake
  4. Repeat with all 4 layers
  5. let cake sit in refrigerator for 2 hours
  6. frost entire cake with pastry pride

I hope you liked this cake! xoxo Shamene

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